Monday, September 19, 2011

Breakfast Bowl a la my Dadd

Breakfast Bowl

And now for one of my weekend guilty pleasures, something I like to call the Louisiana breakfast bowl.  My dad would cook grits with a fried egg in it just for me, so this is inspired by a childhood favorite.  I have modified it by adding bacon crumbles, and of COURSE cooking the eggs in the bacon grease, because that's the best idea ever.

To serve put shredded mozzarella cheese and Tony's season salt in the bottom of a bowl.  Put the grits on tops, two barely cooked eggs over easy, then the bacon crumbles on top.   

If you are unfamiliar with Tony's, know that there is NO substitue for its deliciousness.  It is a season salt that tastes good on everything except for babies and pudding.

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