Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kale chips. Yeah. I said kale chips

Jamaican pork, roasted sweet potatoes, wilted spinach.
Dinner tonight was awesome: I finally dug into the pork that we grilled on Sunday and served that with roasted sweet potatoes (coated in oil, honey, and lemon juice) and wilted spinach.

Wilting spinach is a painstaking process.

  1. Put spinach on plate with pork that needs to be warmed.
  2. Microwave said plate.
  3. BAZINGA: wilted spinach: add a bit of lemon juice for some zing.
Yeah.  So I call it wilted spinach so I can seem fancy, much like when chef's on Chopped say things like chutney (stuff I diced and mixed together) or napoleon (dessert items I didn't know what to do with so I stacked them and put whipped cream on top).

Kale Chips!

Today I made kale chips for the first time because I was looking for a healthy snack alternative.  (Don't worry: they taste a LOT better than they photograph)

I used Ellie Krieger's recipe for the most part, although I'm pretty sure her "bunch of kale" was much bigger than mine.  I didn't really measure the salt, oil, or smoked paprika and simply used the amount that seemed rational for the kale that I had.  

Super simple to fix, although it would have been simpler had I done it at the same time I was fixing my roasted sweet potatoes for dinner earlier in the evening, but c'est la vie.

This was also my first time using smoked paprika and it is AWESOME.  I never bothered to buy it before because I figured it couldn't be much different then regular paprika, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how wrong I was. It has the flavor of chipotle, with none of the heat.  I look forward to trying it on other things, probably with some sort of Mexican food on Friday.

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