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I wish I could say I usually looked like this.
Hi there!  Thanks for joining me in my little part of the interwebs. My name is Ashlie and I am a native of Louisiana, and living back here again, after stints globally and in Arkansas, Michigan and Tennessee. By day I am an administrator at a college but by night, and all the other times I can squeeze in, I am a food lover, cooker, sharer, and enthusiast.

This blog is my opportunity to share my passion for eating a balanced diet, and the ease at which it is possible. I love sharing what I've learned because I think it is important to know as much as you can about what you're putting into your body because it's the only one you have. I'm self taught so by reading
this blog, you are legitimizing the
countless hours I've spent watching
food television and reading food
magazines, articles, blogs.  For this, I
thank you.

But this is more likely.
I don't believe in dieting or strict restrictions on certain types of foods because let's be real, sometimes you MUST eat bacon. Or cheese.  Or both, together.  My 
philosophy is to be "mostly healthy" so that when I want
 a big, beautiful steak, or fried cheesesticks I can do so 
while still taking care of myself. 

My dad and my piano teacher always said I would write a book, so I look at this blog as a fruition of a life-long destiny, put together into in tiny fragments.

Food Loves: dark chocolate, avocado, cilantro, boudin, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, hummus, grits, bacon, mushrooms, salmon, olives, lots and lots of other things

Fave Dishes: chicken tikka masala, sushi (yellowtail, unagi), fish tacos, burger and fries 

Do not Eats: Soggy Bread, Fast Food (except Cane's),

Likes: Walking, Travel, Reading, Pop Culture

Dislikes: Napping

Seething distate: Twilight

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